The Hatchery at Heritage Stone Farm

Specializing in heritage rare breed chickens, ducks and geese

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Buff Chanteclers

The only Canadian breed of chicken - Chanteclers have no wattles and a small button comb. These chickens are incredibly cold hardy. Chanties lay brown eggs year round. SOLD OUT FOR 2021

Salmon Faverolles

This French breed has beards, muff, feathered legs and feet, and a fifth toe. Males and females are vastly different colours! Hens lay light pink eggs. SOLD OUT FOR 2021


The Crevecoeur is a French breed featuring impressive top knots and a beautiful black iridescent colour. Males sport V combs. These dual purpose birds are known for their delicate flavour. SOLD OUT FOR 2021

Ayam Cemani

Considered the Lamborghini of the poultry world, these stunning chickens from Indonesia are fibromelanistic, everything is black from inside out, bones, muscle, even their organs! SOLD OUT FOR 2021


This swedish rare breed is considered the most cold hearty chicken. Less than 1000 left in the world. COMING IN 2022


Blue egg layers - specializing in rare blue and Isabel colour varieties. COMING IN 2022


Named because of their prolific laying ability the Deathlayer chicken is from Germany, known there as Westfalische Totleger. Hens typically lay an egg a day their entire life. We specialize in the silver variety. SOLD OUT FOR 2021

St Lawrencers

Our own variety! These moderately size, friendly chickens are especially cold hearty dual purpose birds. We're currently working toward a standard. SOLD OUT FOR 2021

Sebastopol Geese

We specialize in coloured varieties. SOLD OUT FOR 2021

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