About Us

Heritage Stone Farm is a 100 acre farm in Cape Vincent, NY, where we raise heritage rare breed sheep, poultry, and horses.

Sustainably Farmed

We practice low impact sustainable farming techniques that incorporate our heritage breeds

  • No till farming to promote carbon sequestration

  • Multi-species rotational grazing

  • Wildling areas

  • Woodland preservation

Critical and Threatened Heritage Rare Breeds, sustainably raised


  • Breeding Stock

  • Market lambs

  • Hatching eggs

  • Market eggs

  • Fleeces

  • No-kill sheepskin rugs

RBST Registered Soay Sheep

USSA Registered Suffolk Sheep - breeding for UK type
Scottish Blackface Sheep
Heritage Poultry

Breeding/Show Stock: Buff and Partridge Chanteclers, Hedemoras, Ayam Cemani, Deathlayers, Sebastopol Geese, Bourbon Red Turkeys

Egg Layer Flock: Prairie Bluebell Eggers, Barnevelders, Salmon Faverolles, Blue Splash Ameracaunas, Crevecoeurs, Olive Eggers

Contact us

Want to know about our products or animals? We’d love to hear from you, find out what you need, and see if we can help you start your journey into livestock preservation and sustainable farming techniques. Get in touch.

Please note we run a private farm and farm tours/sale animal pick up can only be arranged through appointment.